Learning Analytics

Streamlining Teaching and Learning

Learning Analytics (LA) provides teachers with pre- and post-assessments that are aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards. LA creates these assessments using a matrix of test specifications to chart the specific learning outcomes that will be evaluated throughout the assessments. Using the matrix, LA identifies the concepts embedded in each learning outcome and weights the items to align with the content progressions (from prerequisite to grade-level skills). LA also ensures that items on the assessment are aligned to the depth of knowledge assigned to the standard and questions are presented using a variety of formats (including non-textbook looking items).

LA reviews and evaluates these assessments and provides teachers and students with real-time feedback regarding student performance. LA’s data management system collects, analyzes, and transforms the data from these assessments into information that will allow teachers to make instructional decisions that address the understandings and misunderstandings the evidence reveals. Ultimately, use of this information, results in improved teacher practices and increased student achievement.

Within the website, you will also find learning resources to help teachers and students learn. LA provides a rich array of innovative educational materials for formal classroom instruction and personal learning outside the school. These supplemental resources assist teachers to differentiate instruction and engage students that may need enrichment. The resources are evidence-based, objective-driven, and designed to engage today’s students and teachers as well as aligned to state, district, and curriculum standards.